Friday, March 12, 2010

Sweet Corazon de La Mission March 13!

Food Cart Festival , Live Music, Beautiful Art. Eat and be Happy
Every Saturday from 6 pm to 10 pm... maybe

2937 24th street @ Alabama 
In the Heart of the Mission

Featuring  Amazing Vendors that include

Creme brulee cart  offering a variety of Brules of the day, come be surprised. Lemon or Vanila, you never know. Find him on twitter.

Double Dutch Sweets made from caramel fudge to coconut dream bars... sweet teeth unite!! They can be found also on their twitter site and their web site for more in depth information of what they carry.

Forage sf. Is is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meat. Literally. His cause is a great one and in his own words :
Foragers are the most important part of our business.  "Our vision is to create a situation where full-time foraging is a viable profession;  Where your real world knowledge of what grows in your area will be valued.  You collect the food that keeps us going, and we help you make money in the woods." Blah blah blah... just come get his Pork Belly Buns at La Victoria Bakery I promise you , you will never look at pork belly the same way!.. but only during the feast!

Venga is hands down the Best Empanada in the Area. Hands down. ... you in the back row.. hush... don't take my word for it... ask him. OR YOU  can just come in to La Victoria Bakery and visit him yourself.

Soul Cocina. I Frequently say that eating Roger's food is like going to my aunts house and having her amazing mexican food that was inspired by her Moroccan, Indian, Cuban, Thai lovers from her early years.... Ok, i won't tell her that. Find him on twitter or just click!

DE LA PAZ coffee is Certified Organic and Fair Trade... but the best part of all of this that they are local and REALLY love what they do.  You can't help but love this family.... they treat their workers great and they are always BUZZED out of their minds.If you are lucky we will be serving Poca Fundo (Brazil) and Costa Rica... (psst, hey sharky!! bring Fundo ) you too!! can tweet sharky!!  and suggest your favorite!

Magic Curry cart will remind you of being in Thailand, Hong Kong and Mexico city with his fabulous bike and Amazing curry... it is quite wimsicle and Magical.... without the  traffic and pollution.

Wholesome BakeryWholsome Bakery. Gosh. Golly -G . We love Mandy. Not only will you also love Mandy and her lil Vegan Bakery with a Huge Heart but you will learn to love her animal less scrumptious baked goods to the point that you wont even remember that they were....?.. what are they other than good???.. oh yes Vegan.

Good Food Catering. You will never meet a man happier about his pulled pork sandwich than Dante.... unless of course you talk to his mama who will set you in place about the lip smacking items that "she " created. Come slather some BBQ on!

La Copa Loca has been making Gelato for a While and if you have never had artisean Italian Gelato , what the hell are you waiting for. It will take you back to the Piazza in ___________ (insert small town name) when you were young and frivolous and you met that young.... okay a story for another time.

The Ayala Gress Brothers have Art in their blood. These siblings have been painting in Mexico for years and now these renouned Artists were nice enough to lend us their work so that you also may appreciate and maybe even take one home.  For More information please contact Ana Ayala .

And if this is not hip enough for you... Well never fret. Artillery Apparel and Gallery has a special little something lined up for you .... come and check it out!

So Maybe you are still not sure that you want to leave the safe confines of your home... but if these are not enough reasons... how about FREE

LIVE  Music  By Joan Serqueiro & Friends, who will playing their Corazones out! 2 Guitars, Percussion and a Fantastic time!! 

 keep checking back for the updated list of vendors, Artist and Musicians!!

Poster design by Philip of Impact Design

Come and Celebrate 60 Years of La Victoria Sweets and Food Anchoring the Historic Corner of 24th and Alabama! EVERY SATURDAY FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!

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