Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sfoodie asks Why Do Events Like the Underground Market Speak to Us?

Sf Foodie asks
Why do food Events like the Underground Market speak to us?

Its the LOVE. Honestly, Its the Love. Study after Study shows that people like to feel loved and appreciated in groups.... from the rudimentary study in the 30's to more new generation thoughts say that there is something to living the present moment with love and a connection with others . AS Michael J. Formica says. "Presence, unconditionality and acceptance in concert lead us to connection" ( We all carry this love for being in a group of people that love and appreciate the same things as us... put this along with food and you create a unique niche of people who not only want to be loved , but loved and accepted by people who have a love for food also. If we combine this with the thought that most people have their most pleasing moments around feast , group gatherings or even one one dates with food , you have a heightened sense of a pleasurable moment at group food cart event. Look below for related article from Dr Resnick. ( ) You have a sense of love , group, food and possible meeting someone just like you!!! The moral of the story.... come to la Victoria's sweet Corazon de la Mission. Have all your needs met while eating great food and meeting the partner of your dreams.... or something like that..... (

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